Below you will find a list of our repertory!

Slow   Medium   Medium/Fast  

Blue River      ES

Buddy Bolden Blues     F

Georgia on My Mind  F

I Get The Bues   C

I'm Coming Virginia   Fmin / F >>> BRJO

Immigration Blues  F

Klobouk ve Krovi (Lot).  C

Krazy Kat - C >>> BRJO

La Roulotte. F

Rent Party Blues BES

Save It Pretty Mama  F

Smoke Rings  DES  >>> BRJO

The Mooche  ES >>> BRJO



Baltimore The   F

Borneo  AS >>> BRJO

Can't We Be Friends ES

Clap Yo Hands   F

Clementine (From New Orleans)  ES >>> BRJO

Copenhagen BES >>> BRJO

Dardanella    BES/AS

Davenport Blues   ES

East St. Louis Toodle -Oo - ES >>>BRJO

From Monday On  BES >>> BRJO

Hot Mustard  F >>> BRJO

Mississippi Mud  ES >>> BRJO

No Moon at All  F / D-

Singing The Blues  ES

Take Your Tomorrow   F

There Ain't No Sweet Man F- >>>BRJO

Trubbel   Fmin

Zulu Wail - ES >>> BRJO
































Business in F  >>> BRJO

Do Something BES >>> BRJO

Girl of my Dreams  BES

I'm More Than Satisfied  F

Milneburg Joys   AS / DES

Muleface Blues BES >>> BRJO

Nyboders Pris  ES

Oriental Strut   F

Rhythm Club Stomp G- >>> BRJO

Shanghai Shuffle BES  >>> BRJO

Some of these Days.  F

Somebody Loves Me  F

Stampede AS >>> BRJO

The Doormouse  F

Three Blind Mice - ES >>> BRJO

Weary Blues  F








































About the band!

"In 2012, after 22 years, Robert Duis left the Limehouse-Jazzband.
To play the music of the "Hot Five & the Hot Seven" was our idea to start
a HOT SIX - combination => Blue River Jazz Band

and a Adrian Rollini Project under the name:

                            "OLD DUTCH & NEW ORLEANS"

        with Bass-Sax / Contra-Bass / Banjo and Cornet.
In a way we might describe our music as a combination of less rigid arranged
"collectives" and a lot of freedom.
People can both listen to- and can dance on our music.
Our "BLUE RIVER JAZZ BAND" has a repertory of very well known pieces and
also tunes we might call: "Forgotten Melodies".
"Musicians" - on the website - shows the names of the band-members.
All come from very well known jazz-bands in our country".

Contact us!

Robert Duis

 0031 (0) 6 - 53 47 11 85