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                                                              In Statu Nascendi => "BLUE RIIVER JAZZ ORCHESTRA"

                                                                                         ( "A Tribute to Fletcher").


                                                          DIRK MAAS   -  JOCHEM GESELSCHAP - NICO ADRIAENS - BOB SCHWEIG

                                                             (Banjo)                  (Bass-Saxophone)          (Piano&Tuba)              (Banjo)


                                                                         VACATURE                                                     VACATURE

                                                                          ( Second Alto Sax )                                                    (Second Trumpet)

                                                         JAN VERVOORT - MARTIN PIETERS  -  ROBERT DUIS  -  RUUD PETRI

                                                                (Reeds)                   (Reeds)               (Cornet/Leader)     (Trombone)                                            

                                                                           Not on Photo: Martin Pieters - First Alto Sax / Soprano Sax.















About the band!

"In 2012, after 22 years, Robert Duis left the Limehouse-Jazzband.
To play the music of the "Hot Five & the Hot Seven" was our idea to start
a HOT SIX - combination => Blue River Jazz Band

and a Adrian Rollini Project under the name:

                            "OLD DUTCH & NEW ORLEANS"

        with Bass-Sax / Contra-Bass / Banjo and Cornet.
In a way we might describe our music as a combination of less rigid arranged
"collectives" and a lot of freedom.
People can both listen to- and can dance on our music.
Our "BLUE RIVER JAZZ BAND" has a repertory of very well known pieces and
also tunes we might call: "Forgotten Melodies".
"Musicians" - on the website - shows the names of the band-members.
All come from very well known jazz-bands in our country".

Contact us!

Robert Duis

 0031 (0) 6 - 53 47 11 85